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MooseHead Wax Review

I am back again with a new grooming product review! This week I have had the opportunity to try some Moosehead Wax that I received for Valentine's day from Brand Nation. It comes in a nice little box with a message that made my day.

MooseHead Wax

This is the first time that I have used some of the Moosehead products, but I have seen them in so many places and blogs. For those who do not know Moosehead, it is an Australian grooming brand, Moosehead makes hair and grooming products for the urban guy: easy to use, holds for all hair types, and great aromas.

MooseHead Wax

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the products, was its smell. All of them smell great, from chocolate to lime and coconut. You know that I spoke before about the smell of the products and without trying them, the Moosehead products conquered me.

The box that I received included 4 of their Waxes:






With a blue lid and a fresh smell, this product is perfect for those messy styles and recommended for medium and long hair. It is a smooth wax, which is perfect to spread over your fingers before applying to your hair and it does not dry out which means that you can re-work your hair for the entire day. From the four that I have tried this is my second favorite.

MooseHead Wax


With a red lid and a cocoa-butter and chocolate smell, this one works well for a quick styling keeping shape. It is ideal for short to medium hairs. For me what makes this product a good choice is that it does not give you a greasy appearance, it leaves a matte finish lifting your hair and creating a texture that holds your hair perfectly.

MooseHead Wax


With an orange lid and a coconut smell, this wax is my favorite for the texture and definition that it provides to my hair. It is perfect for shorter hairstyles and it has a matte finish. This product contains bits of grits that help to hold the hair firm, personally I haven’t seen those grits in my hair and this is great because it could look like dandruff.

MooseHead Wax


With a green lid and a citrus smell, this Moosehead wax is the smoothest one of the four which make it perfect for a natural look. As I said it is not the strongest wax which allows your hair to move and be more manageable. I have used it straight away after the shower to create that surfer look. It is perfect for a sunny day out, but you can use it when your hair is dry and the result still great, I find it gives you a nice wavy look.

MooseHead Wax

After trying the products from MooseHead, I will definitely add them to my daily hair routine as the quality and the finish is excellent. You can buy these wax for a price around £6, online or in high street stores. And now it is your turn, try the products and let me know what you think!

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