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TEDDY the Musical

Last week for first time since I moved to Manchester I went to the theatre at The Lowry and I can’t wait to go back, they have a fabulous number of shows and events, you can find more info here.

For those who do not know about the Lowry Theatre, it is situated in Salford Quays, which is Manchester's unique waterfront destination with world-class entertainment, leisure and cultural facilities.

But let’s speak about the musical!!

It is a Rock ‘n’ Roll musical that features brand new music that is authentic to the era. The musical capture the 1950’s London life of two young (Teddy and Josie) after the Blitz. Teddy and Josie are two rebels ready for an unforgettable night out, during the different acts we can see the adventures that Teddy and Josie live around the city until arrive at the last destination, all of this with a bit of love over the course of the night.

We enjoyed it and I do not want to go much into details as I highly recommend you go to watch it. However, I can give you some references that can help you to understand the value of this musical.

Tristan Bernays and Eleanor Rhode are the directors, the recently experienced a big success with “Boudica” at The Globe and ‘Frankenstein’ at The Watermill Theatre and Wilton’s Music Hall. Tom Jackson Greaves oversees the choreography.

The cast for Teddy includes Molly Chesworth (Josie), Andrew Gallo (Sammy ‘The Sticks’ Smith), George Parker (Teddy), Freya Parks (Jenny O’Malley), Harrison White (Buster Watson) and Dylan Wood (Johnny Valentine).

First seen at the Southwark Playhouse in 2015, Teddy has music by Dougal Irvine with musical direction by Harrison White, set design by Max Dorey, lighting design by Christopher Nairne, sound design by Max Pappenheim, costume design by Holly Rose Henshaw and casting by Natalie Gallacher for Pippa Ailion Casting.

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