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BullDog Skincare Review

Hey February! After my Valentine’s day gift guide, I want to tell you about Bulldog skincare and some of their products.

I received the order from Maleskin about two weeks ago and I have been using these products since then. It has been a stressful week and I have had a bit of a cold, so I am really grateful to Maleskin for those products as they have helped me through the week, but now I am totally recovered and enjoying the weekend.

BullDog Skincare Products

BullDog Skincare

BullDog is a British skincare brand designed for men, the brand was born in 2005 with the aim to bring men daily natural skincare products. Probably, most of you have heard about them as they have won more than 20 awards around the world. As well, BullDog is established in the high street, you will find the products in so many shops but as well in the many online retailers.

Here I will speak about the following five products:

  • Original Face Wash

  • Oil Control Face Scrub

  • Sensitive Moisturiser

  • Sensitive Aftershave Balm

  • Original Eye Roll-On

BullDog Skincare Products

Original Face Wash

Formulated with aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, this face wash has been working well for my oily morning skin, the antioxidant properties of the green tea help to remove the excess oil and dirt. It is soft and smells nice so great to use 2 or 3 times a week and perfect to clean your face and leave it looking great and refreshed.

It is easy to use, just wet your face with warm water and apply on your fingertips, in small circular motions making a thin foamy layer, leave it for a couple of minutes and just rinse with cool water.

Face Wash

Oil Control Face Scrub

Another great product to reduce the excess oil and leave your skin smooth and soft. Formulated with black charcoal, it contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. It smells like when you are in a spa and this has been making my morning as it relaxes me and put me in a Zen mode, hehe. The only thing that I have found that it misses, is the exfoliating beads, I find that this product does not have many exfoliant beads.

Easy peasy to use, after washing your face, when it is still wet, apply and rub it around for a couple of minutes.

Face Scrub

Sensitive Moisturiser

Moisturiser is an everyday essential and I am surprised with this one if you compare quality and price it is great at only £7!! And as I said it is good, leaves the skin well hydrated and smooth. This moisturiser contains essential oils, green tea and vitamin E.

Last week it has been freezing and snowing in Manchester, it has been very windy and mixed with the subzero temperatures it hits my face like a block of ice, but I haven’t suffered any irritation. The best thing for me, it is not thick, and it is easy to apply.

Sensitive Moisturiser

Sensitive Aftershave Balm

As I commented before, I am terrible after I have a shave and my skin suffers and get irritated. It is difficult for me to find an aftershave that does not irritate even more or works for me, and I definitely will add this one to my favourite list! It is more like a cream and it is not as liquid and sticky as other that I have tried, which is good. I don’t have to fight with it to put on my face hehe, it smells nice like a soft milk, it reminds me of a type of bath lotion. It contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb.

BullDog Aftershave Balm

Original Eye Roll-On

I love eye roll-ons, it is a product that I always put on before going out of the home, even if I am in a rush I must use it, I spoke before about my problem with the dark marks on my eyes, so this is why. This one from Bulldog it a bit different than the one that I have been using for years, it makes the zone cold and hydrated, but it has a moldable package that helps you control the quantity that you use. For the best results, apply without pressing hard from the start to the end of the eye.

BullDog Eye Roll-on

Have you used Bulldog products before? You can find all these products just by clicking here! Let me know what you think about this brand and its products!!

BullDog Skincare

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