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Flip Out Manchester

Rainy and cold days are covering all the weekends in Manchester, but thank god this city has loads of opportunities and activities to do indoors to keep you entertained, and this is what I am going to speak about today!

I normally spend the weekends in the city centre going out for food and catching up with friends, but you know sometimes you want to do something a bit different. Something that keeps you out of the routine and with this weather it is difficult to do activities outside (Let's keep those for the “summer”) which are my favourite! I miss the sun, a beer with tapas sitting outside or just a walk next to the river enjoying the weather…But this is not going to stop me doing something different during winter and as I said before, Manchester has a load of opportunities and a new indoor centre where you and your friends can have so much fun!!

Flip Out Manchester

A new and the UK’s Largest indoor trampoline park, Parkour and Ninja Warrior warehouse has just opened a couple of weeks ago, they are all over the UK and they are becoming so famous that the first thing people normally think “that is only for children/kids” and the answer is NO! I thought the same until the first time that I went to one and probably this is the reason why I did not visit one before. FLIP OUT Manchester changed my mind, I encourage anyone to visit this place, there is something for everyone, a really cool slide, a wipeout arena, a laser maze and loads of trampolines, you won’t regret it!

Flip Out Manchester

FLIP OUT Manchester

Flip Out is an Australian company founded in 2012 in Sydney and their mission is to create a play environment that would entertain everyone from children to adults of all ages.

Flip Out company has the UK’s biggest trampolines and it is the fastest-growing trampoline park operator in the world.

The one in Manchester is amazing, you have so many places to enjoy and have fun, it is composed of:

• Main Arena • Kids Arena • Parkour Arena • Ninja Obstacle Course • Cyber Towers • Total Wipeout • Ninja Slide • Laser Maze

My favourite part of Flip Out was the Parkour Arena, the trampolines here are the best! You can jump so high and there are different areas and boxes where you can climb, it is like a maze as well and you can go jumping from one trampoline to other!

Flip Out Manchester

Another activity that I really enjoyed was the Cyber Tower! You can battle with another person to see who is the first to climb the tower and go down, climbing all the floors across the networks. It is difficult as there are balloons, foams cubes and other things that will make the climb harder, it’s also difficult on the way down as you need to navigate through mesh floors with balls and all sorts in the way, you need to go down as fast as you can as well !!

Flip Out Manchester

Furthermore, Flip Out Manchester offers a huge range of activities for groups as well, Team Building Days, Birthday Parties, School Packages or Fitness Classes.

It is situated near Manchester City Football Stadium and has free Parking, Soft Play Area and a Café with a viewing balcony if you prefer just to monitor your kids.

Now, what are you waiting to visit this place?? Once that you have been let me know how your experience was!

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