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My First Time With JACK BLACK

I am so pleased to write this post!! For a long time now, I have been looking to try some of Jack Black skincare range, and finally, I got the opportunity to put these products to the test thanks to Maleskin.

I have tried one product before for the hair (green range) the Sleek Finish Texture Cream which I put on my face as explained on my post from September, but yes, this time I got some products from the blue range!

Jack Black Grooming products

For those who do not know about Jack Black, they are a Texas based company, founded and run by a family who started it around 17 years ago. They have products from Skin care to Fragrances. They are easily recognized for its intense colours blue and green.

As I said before I am trying this products courtesy of Maleskin, they are an online skincare shop specifically designed for men, by men. They offer a wide range of skin, body, grooming, hair and cosmetic products among others. You will only find tested and trusted products in their online shop, because they really take care of men skin.

Face Buff Energizing Scrub

This is my favorite product of all that I have tried from Jack Black, I love face scrubs and exfoliators, especially when they have an intense smell, however the smell is not everything, this product works well opening the pores, sweeping away the dead skin cells and keeping the skin smooth but the best thing that I find from this product is to prevent ingrown hairs.

It is recommended you use it before shaving to prevent the irritation, around three times per week, but I use it daily in the shower, so I can rinse it with warm water.

Apply a small amount of Face Buff onto a pre-wet face, rubbing gently in circles with your fingertips. The power of the scrub is built-in, so you don't have to rub hard, and rinse with warm water. Use three to four times per week before shaving, the great things about the product as well is they are Paraben-free and Colorant-free!!

Jack Black Face Scrub

Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave

I have so many problems when I shave, my hair is strong and If I keep my stubble for more than a couple of days it hurts when I shave. This product has helped me to soften the process, it feels good like you are putting a moisturiser on. When the razor is used with it, it glides and doesn’t scratch, and so far I haven’t had any cuts or burns using it. An entirely new way to shave. Enjoy a pain-free shave with this soothing, ultra-hydrating formula. Rich in nourishing fatty acids and phospholipids, Beard Lube binds moisture to the skin creating a smooth, effortless glide while preventing irritation, nicks and cuts. Soothing oils and moisturizers hydrate the skin while the semi-transparent texture allows you to navigate around side-burns, beards, and moustaches.

Jack Black Beard Lube

Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

This moisturizer is different to any other that I have tried before, it includes SPF and I think that it is a great idea to have a built in sunscreen! I normally visit Spain a couple of times in summer and this product is great for that, I do not need high SPF and this 20 is great! It has a thicker texture, but when you apply it, it doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost, it absorbs into the skin quickly you do not notice anything. It contains antioxidants and vitamins which help keep the skin looking fresh and revitalized.

Jack Black Moisturizer

Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

This is another great product with SPF, this time the SPF is higher at 25. It is ideal for the cold winter days and the wind that we have here in England. This is a top product that I will take this year on my ski holidays, with the snow and the extreme temperatures the lips suffer more. The Jack Black Lip Balm penetrates and nourishes very well, it provides instant relief for dry and irritates lips. It comes in different flavours and the one that I have tried is the Black Tea, it has a soft and rich scent.

Jack Black Lip Balm

Have you tried Jack Black products before? If yes, let me know what do you think :) Hope you like my experience with this, let me know yours!!

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