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Asha's Manchester Review

This is my First time in an Indian Restaurant and I have to say that It really surprised me! I have always though of curry and Indian food being very spicy and this scares me sometimes when I choose a restaurant, and yes even if this does sound strange, this is my first time in an Indian restaurant and yes I am 27!!! Let’s talk about the place.

Asha's Manchester

Asha Bhosle, a Bollywood recognize singer, gives the name to this restaurant chain after opened the first one in Dubai in 2002. Nowadays, a total of 13 restaurants can be found around the world, from Kuwait to Manchester.

They describe their food as authentic Indian and culinary innovation, and I totally agree with them, this was an amazing experience of the senses. With many awards, they have been recognized for their quality and dining experience from Michelin guide, English Curry Awards or TripAdvisor plus many more.

Restaurant table wine

In Manchester, Asha’s is situated in one of the finest Victorian palazzo buildings, just opposite the Theatre Royal in 47 Peter Street since September 2015. The interior is extremely elegant and refined which provides you with a comfort and calm sensation, it is beautiful and authentic, and never being in an Indian restaurant before, I can’t imagine why they would look any different.

Asha’s has two floors, on the ground floor you can find BolliBar, a fusion of a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy amazing cocktails, wines and food.

Restaurant menu

Asha’s hosts many different events and offers amazing tasting menu´s every month, this time we were delighted with 4 courses, served with 4 different Malbec from Liberty Wines.

First course and first wine, Pumpkin soup and “Finca Los Primos” from Argentina, the wine was sweet and very easy drinking, this one was my favorite! The soup was amazing, it had a silky smooth texture that is great to warm you up in the cold winter nights, The soup was topped with a Stilton cheese kofta ball, which added a different textures and made it delicious with a final spicy taste (but not too much) from the green chilis.

Pumpkin Soup and Cheese

Second course and second wine, Venison Samosa and Mendoza Malbec from Argentina. Delightful and amazing, this samosa was rich in taste, the venison melted in the mouth but had a beautiful crispy crunch when you bit into it which you expect from the thin pastry. The wine was stronger and more full bodied, with more woody notes but It complemented the course well. I have to say that I do not drink wine often but theses Malbecs where really good.

Venison Samosa

Third course and next wine! At this point I have to say that I couldn’t see the table, but just because it was full of food and wine glasses hehe. Main course and finally the famous curry!! Chicken tikka cooked with succulent chunky fresh tomato and onion sauce,I have one word: WONDERFUL, but spicy. I must admit that I tried to eat as much as possible using the rice and the bread to help me, but I couldn’t finish it. The chicken was soft and juicy with a beautiful tikka char from the tikka oven, the sauce and the wine this time was a Mendoza Malbec Clasico, this one was fruitier than the last one, which I think helped from the intense taste of the curry that helped balance my pallet and made the dish more enjoyable for me.

Chicken Curry

Last dish was dessert, Winter Berry Cheesecake!! Who does not love Cheesecake! Great taste with a soft cookie base, topped with fresh berries and berry coulis, I would appreciate more coulis with the cake because I love sauces with all my dishes, but it was good. To finish the night, a Moscato from Australia, very very sweet and fruity, the perfect wine match as the wine was almost like a dessert itself.

Wild Berry Cheescake

To discover more about Asha’s and to check menus, just click here. Hope you enjoy it and if you visit Ashas let me know how it is.

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