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With the big growth of the male grooming industry this post it is something that I wanted to write about, and show you what I use in my daily routine.

The male grooming industry includes men’s bath, shower, deodorant, skin and hair care products, and these products out sell the more popular male products such as shaving gels/oils and fragrances.

This market is booming and according to Euromonitor it is expected to reach around £45 billion by 2020, this has favored the expansion of new male grooming startups in the recent years. This makes the beauty giants dedicate new lines or sub-brands for their male grooming products, even in most of the retailers stores you can find a male section.

For me this is something that I just started to use a couples of years ago when I moved to the UK. I think with the years you start to realize that you won’t have that perfect skin forever or you won’t have eye bags after a night out, this is not something that really concerns me but I like take care of myself.


So here you go, this is the list of the products that I use daily and these includes hair, skin, deodorant and shaving products, this is only a personal selection, and I am not representing any brand in particular, I just like them and use most of the days. You won’t find here expensive products; these products are accessible for everyone.

The first two products are coming from the Confidence Box from Mankind, and here I discovered these two brands that I really like and I will keep using. This grooming box comes with 6 different products with a mix of skin and hair essentials that will leave you feeling your best.


Neville Rescue Scrub

The first thing that you will notice about this product is the smell, it is so good!! It smells like Cocoa Butter and I love it each time I use it. This product removes the dry skin and helps you for a smoother shave, I use it before I shave or before I have a shower in the morning. The Neville rescue scrub is made with natural ingredients including volcanic ash and corn cob granules, it only comes in a 125ml bottle so this is the only think that I can complain as I cannot take it on my hand luggage when I go to Spain, for the rest you won’t be able to stop using it once that you try this product.


ManCave Original Moisturiser

Probably my favorite product!! This face hydrating moisturizer also smells great, it is easy to apply and makes the skin feel and look good. It contains caffeine that stimulates your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fatigue which is the best thing in the morning when you wake up!! It absorbs well, and does not leave a greasy appearance so it leaves my skin feeling smooth and natural. I normally use is after the Neville rescue Scrub. Have a look a this ManCave as it has so many interesting products!!


L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Cooling Eye Roll-on

This product is an everyday saver!! When I have big, dark eye bags I really appreciate this product as it helps to hydrate my skin making it look brighter. The eye roll-on is easy to use and I apply it after the ManCave Moisturise, the ice-cool roll-on provides a refreshing feeling. This product comes with me everywhere. I like L’Oréal Men Expert products, and their deodorant is my favorite.


Lush Cup O' Coffee

Can you imagine putting a freshly brewed coffee on your face? Strange huh, that’s what I thought as well but it is a great feeling! I must admit that I do not use it every day and this is because I am scared to finish it!! This Lush mask makes my skin soft and revitalized. It also works as an exfoliator because of element in the product helps remove any dry or dead skin. I must admit that even if this cup of coffee has a strong smell, once that you clean and wash your face the smell of coffee doesn’t linger.


After writing about the face products it is time for the hair. The hair is an important part of my every day look and I take care of it. I would like it to be perfect, however I do not spend a long time to get it done. I should say that the following products, works for me perfectly, my hair is strong and difficult to mold, I have to cut it every three weeks as it grows really fast.

Got2B PhenoMENal Moulding Paste

Two years ago, I discovered this magnificent molding paste and since then, I haven’t used any other brand or other product to style my hair. This product gives me a natural and shiny look, holding the shape all day without any movement and it smells great. The paste does not dry my hair which was a problem with other products that I used in the past. It comes in a 100ml tub which is perfect to travel.


Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

Same brand as the previous product, I have been using it for the past two years, and Liam introduced me to this Spray. I wasn’t used to putting spray on my hair until I started to work as a waiter, the long hours nonstop made my hair look horrible and I started to use spray. At first I didn’t use this one, a cheap brand that smelt like rat killer… I know BIG mistake, however when I smelt this pray for first time, I fell in love and as you can notice at this point, if the product has a good smell it is a big selling point for me!! So, this product contributes to fixing and holding my hair, creating the perfect result for my style, I don’t need to use much and the bottle last me a long time.


Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream

Another discovery from the Mankind Confidence Box was another hair product!! I only use this during the weekend, when I like my hair more ´wild´. This product provides me a wavy look, non-greasy and natural, as I said perfect for the weekend. With this cream, I had a small confusion at first as I didn’t know the brand and I thought it was a moisturizer and I used it twice on my face…. yes, I didn’t read the “how to use” and I thought it was so greasy for my skin and left it. Checking agin the Jack Black website I noticed that it was a hair product and it became a go-to for the weekend. This brand has other interesting products that I cannot wait to try, such as the lip balm because this is something I used daily at the moment but not from this manufacturer yet.


TIGI Bed Head For Men - Balm Down Cooling Aftershave

The last product that I am going to mention in this post, and this is not a product that I use every day, but at least 3 days a week. So I mentioned before I have got strong hair that grows fast and it is the same with my facial hair… I don’t like it big or long, so I try to shave around 3 days a week. This aftershave is also from the Confidence Box from Mankind and I like it, as it works well for my skin after I shave, I use an electrical shaver and for this reason my skin gets irritated and after a shave my skin is itchy and burns. This aftershave hydrates and keep my skin cool, fresh and soft.


So there you have it! these are the products that I use that work for me, however reading a bit from other bloggers while I was writing this post, I will probably be investing in some other products that have a good got reviews such as the Kiehl’s, Aesop or LAB.

Let me know if you like this post, if you recommend other product and if you use some of them.


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