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How often do you clean your trainers? To be honest I did not use to clean them so often, they can look good, a little bit darker or maybe the sole is brown but I did not mind it so much. I have always thought that maybe if I clean them, they are going to lose the color or get damage, and of course I never ever put them in the washing machine.

However, a couple of days ago I received a gift form MEN’S SOCIETY, The Sneaker Cleaning Kit, and I must admit that more than happy I am really surprise because it really works.

Nike red trainers

For who’s that do not know about Men’s society, they are a brand launched in 2012 for Hugo and Bella, from a little grooming kit that Bella prepared for a surprise weekend away in Berlin to Hugo. They are specialized in thoughtful, high quality male gifts and accessories. None of their products are tested on animals. All cosmetics, beard oils, bath oils, soaps and skin creams are fully natural. They source the highest quality ingredients to ensure your safety and the purity of the products, besides, the kits are produced in the UK by a dedicated team.

Sneaker cleaning kit

The kit will keep your sneakers looking fresh. Everybody likes to wear a brand-new pair of trainers and this kit is everything you need to keep them clean and looking fresh.

You can use the products on different fabrics, such as suede, canvas or leather and they can be applied to formal, casual or sports shoes.


Instruction Guide.

This is not a spit-and-polish kit. Get it right and watch them gleam

Two bottles of Sneaker Cleaning Fluid.

Next generation cleaning technology. Ingredients: Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate, Vitamin E (50ml)

Suede and Canvas Cleaning Brush.

The perfect tool for even the muddiest footwear. You can use both of the faces of the brush depending the type of the fabric.

sneaker cleaning kit


  1. Fill a cup with water, dip the head of your sneaker brush into it.

  2. Pour a very small amount of the sneaker cleaning fluid onto the bristles of the brush.

  3. Rub the bristles in circular motions all over your sneakers.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the dirt has been remove, ensure you clean all of the shoe.

  5. Leave your sneakers to naturally air dry.

cleaning fluid

I have used the kit on some of my trainers, below are two of the examples.

In the Nike air force 1, I have used it only in the sole and the result is great, you can see how the color change and they look white and brilliant!! Reade to hit the streets.

Red nike force
Red nike trainer

The second time I used the kit in my New Balance 574, the top was really dirty and I had to rub it for a short time, however after they were totally dry they look amazing, bright red again and without any spots!

red new balance
red new balance

This kit costs just £20 and you can get it sent to your home for FREE!! Also, you can collect the kit from different places, to find this kit and some other great ideas to give as gifts just click HERE!

nike trainers

Let me know what do you think, if you use something to clean your trainers and if it works.

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