A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed the sun and the heat wave here in Manchester, coming from Spain I love the sun and the good weather, as you can enjoy it outside with Friends and Family, the day seems longer and you can do more activities in the street or garden.

What I like to do on a Sunny Saturday is to have a good barbecue, what can be better than food, drinks, sun, friends and laughs??? But for a successful barbecue, there are some products that you need to have, and here I will give you a full list that you can find in IWOOT.

1. Get the right barbecue

I know maybe all the barbecues look similar but if you want to get the attention you will have to get one original barbecue, which all your friends will post on their social media and make you the BBQ King!! My favorite, the metal tool box but if you are more into beer you can go for the Gentlemen's Hardware Bucket Barbecue.

2. Use the correct tools

Do not forget that the best part of a bbq is the food!! You will be ready to cook the meat perfectly for each guest with this thermometer and if you want to show your skill you can make your own burgers and give them the best shape with.

3. Make your table shine

Your table must look awesome, from the glasses to the plates, your guests should congratulate you!! What´s better than jugs of cocktails and nice plates with funny messages? Get them, no one enjoys eating from those carboard plates!!

4. Decorate the place

If you really want to make your guests feel that summer spirit, you will have to decorate your garden for the occasion, pendants, balloons, fancy colors, and for sure if you have a swimming pool, that’s the ultimate product of the year! The giant floats! In the shape of Fruits, flamingos or swans are the most popular.

5. Music and Atmosphere

The best way to transport you to your favorite holiday destination and to get the best atmosphere is with the right music. A quality Bluetooth speaker is key for this, something with a quality sound and a rich bass frequency to keep the party going and to get people in the mood to have a great time.

6. Drinking games

Last but not least, drinking games! I love tequila and why not add some fun while you are cooking the meat? A range of drinking games, quizzes, puzzles and challenges will make your friends make the most of the party.

Let me know what you think or what your ideas for the perfect barbecue are? If you want to find some of those products do not forget to visit IWOOT.

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