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What is the best plan for a Tuesday night in Manchester? Enjoy the best of the Mexican restaurants!

Last Tuesday we went to El Capo, and this is not the first time I have been here!! This restaurant is one of my favorites for Mexican food. Situated in the northern quarter (you will recognize it by the big red cross on the wall), this original restaurant can transport you a Mexican night with tequila, food and party with your friends.

mexican bar

With a range of over 200 different tequilas, the bar is situated on the ground floor decorated with pictures and funky art work on the walls. In the basement is situated the restaurant with an open kitchen from where you can see all the magic being produced.

restaurant kitchen

Tuesday (is my favorite night) TACO TUESDAY! You can enjoy tacos for just a pound each! I love the tacos here, they are tasty, well presented and inviting to eat. You have the choice of six different fillings, PORK CARNITAS, PULLED BEEF, CHICKEN, KALE & MUSHROOM MANCHEGO. CHIPOTLE PANGA (My favorite) and SMOKED CHIPOTLE.

Mexican tacos

WING IT WEDNESDAY! only 50p per wing, this is another of the great offers that el Capo has. It is not only offers you can enjoy that will make you want to come back, they have authentic tasting dishes such as burritos, quesadillas, fajitas or enchiladas and their nachos. But if you are a “piggy”, a person with a big appetite, or someone who likes a challenge, you need to try the big plates or the GIGANTE MEXICANO with a 24-inch burrito!!

Mexican Nachos

For dessert, you can’t beat the classic churros with chocolate filling and chocolate dip!! These are a personal favorite of mine which I try all over the world wherever I eat and the ones served at El Capo make me think that I am right back in my home town in Spain.

Let me know what do you think about el Capo, if you have visit it, if you are thinking on going or if you like Mexican good.

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