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Food lovers I am back with another post, and if my last one was about one of the typical Spanish dishes, today I am going to write about the typical English dish, the Sunday roast diner.

Last Sunday I went out for food with my friend Nina, none of us are British but this country has something that has captivated us. She suggested to go for a Sunday roast and after checking different places we decided to go to Neighbourhood in Spinningfields.

Neighbourhood restaurant Manchester

This place is so beautiful, you can see the elegance of the restaurant form the door and when you come in, the place inspires serenity and peace, all you can ask for a Sunday when everything is busy. The bar is gorgeous and the neon´s caught my attention, this combination makes it different and especial.

Once we were allocated, we had some nibbles, I must confess that we were starving and we got bread with dips (butter, olives and pesto).

Hummus olive bread

Not only was we hungry we was thirsty as well, and if we didn´t already have enough drinks the Saturday night before. We ordered some classic cocktails, you know already that I am a cocktail fan and of course I picked my favourite, the porn start martini, Nina had the expresso martini.

Cocktails Expresso Martini

For the Sunday roast, Neighbourhood serves three options, Chicken, Beef or Pork belly, this last one is not typical, however it is becoming more popular in restaurants. This Sunday roast is served with all the trimmings, cabbage, carrots a Yorkshire pudding and some gorgeously crispy but fluffy roast potatoes. Personally, I would appreciate more vegetables such as peas, sweet potato mash or brussels sprouts, but I must admit that the quantity is enough for a lunch, especially when you love desserts, and Neighbourhood has a special surprise in its dessert menu.

Sunday roast pork belly

I chose the pork belly, it was rich, soft and delicious, but the chicken one also looks great, you have literally half a chicken! I am a big fan of the pork belly and have had it cooked a number of different ways which I think makes it a very versatile option for any occasion. Sometimes I like it crunchy with a nice glace, but this time it was on point, soft with the gravy on top mmm I can’t describe it with words, the best thing is to go and try it.

As I mentioned before, you MUST try the dessert, I won’t give you more details but the inside is full of rich sweet and fresh things and the actual bowl is made of chocolate !! see pic below. Let me know what you think about Neighbourhood and which is your favorite dish.

Dessert Chocolate ball

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