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Best Tapas in Manchester

As a good Spanish I couldn't start the food posts with a better topic than TAPAS. The tapas are our national dishes, after Paella of course, they can be described as a variety of savoury appetizers, and usually served with drinks at the bar. Manytimes, tapas try to recreate the traditional Spanish dishes, however, nowadays you can find sophisticate tapas. They can be cold (such as olives, jamón or "ensaladilla rusa") or hot (such as chorizo in wine sauce, fry calamary or garlic prawns).

tapas pinchos pintxos

I have selected three different restaurants that you cannot miss for tapas in Manchester.


Situated at the back of 244 Deansgate (entrance Longworth St, off St John's St) this is the most Spanish restaurant that you can find in Manchester.

The food is really authentic and you can find a big menu with many different tapas, some of them more authentics than others but allways with the Spanish style, also you can enjoy with the music and the decoration. This restaurant bring you to Spain without the necessity of take a plane. It is not expensive, you can have luch for £20 including your drink.

el rincón de rafa

My recomentation here are:

  • Iberian croquettes, I have to said that I am a big fan of Spanish croquettes and these ones are really good. The Spanish croquettes are not made with mash potato, they are made from a creamy mixture that I garantee that you would love

  • Calamares a la andaluza, Deep fry calamari with aioli sauce

  • Magro en Salsa, Pork diced served with potatoes, red peppers and onions in a wine sauce.

For more information click here.


This restaurant is simply expectacular, the cuality of the products is the best point here, the food is tasty and elaborated also Iberica has a good selection of wines.. For these reason, I recomend you to visit it, probably the price is a little expensive, but the quality is really high and I am sure that you would enjoy it. I recomend you to book a table if you are thinking to going for dinner, normally it is really busy.

iberica restaurant manchester

My recomendation here:

  • Ham Croquettes, as I said the croquettes are one of my favourite dish and the ones from Iberica are the best for me in Manchester.

  • Trio of Ibericos, selection of the best jamón from Spain,

  • Salmorejo, a cold tomato soup with olive oil, garlic and bread.

For more infomation, click here.


Situated in a storic building in the middel of Manchester, King Street, this restaurant would take you to the center of Madrid or Barcelona, as the architecture and an art mosaic makes it special.

Open for longer that a year, It’s a gorgeous place to hang out. As Iberica, this place usually is busy, but if you are thinking in tapas, you have to come here. Regarding the price, yes it is not cheap, as Iberica, it would be more expensive. There are two things that you always have to try in a Spanish restaurant, Jamón and croquetas.

el gato negro tapas

My recomendations here:

  • Iberico ham croquettes.

  • Iberico ham.

  • Mini Catalan chorizo with Aspall cider.

For more information, click here.

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