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new balance trainers

We start we a new post dedicated to New Balance, a brand with two different styles, the brand has one line exclusive dedicated to running and other line more urban and classic.

new balance trainers

If two years ago do you ask me about this brand... sincerly I wouldn't give you any information. When I moved to England two years ago was when I saw the brand for first time in 2014. I started to look into the urban line especifically the 574 model. This was one of the models with the highest sales in 2014 and 2015. But this brand has ages of experiencied, it was founded in 1906 in Boston and has a great reputation in the market.

The 574 model is on of the most iconical, created in 1988 from a fussion of different models, it is original and witty and there are more than 80 colours and materials available, you can see below some of my favourites.

Also, New Balance allows to customizate the trainers on the web site, who could thought about this 30 years ago when the first launched this model.

new balance trainers

new blanance trainers

I got two pairs of this model, one in red and another in grey with the simbol in pink. The 574 is a confortable trainer that you can wear easy with everything. I bought one pair on interet when I was in Spain in and another here in Uk.

Another of my favourite model is the New Balance 1980 but I haven't had a pair of them, the sole looks amazing and diffrent to other trainers, you can see a pic here:

white new balance trainers

At the running area as I said before at the Adidas Boost post I am not an expert, however, reading through different blogs and posts, the best recomendations for this are the models New Balance 1400v3 and New Balance Zante.

running new balance

A high number of running blogs have catalogated the 1400v3 as the best of the 2015. This trainer is made to run without socks as it has a soft interior. Manegeable, this trainer is perfect to speed and long runs as it keeps a soft part under the heel and a firmer sole on the front, plus the fit is tight and fits the foot perfectly. Personally I really like the mix of fluor colors on this one that I have here.

new balance running

On the other hand, the New Balance Zante are trainers for long distances, with a soft and comfortable sole, is made with Fresh Foam technology and they are light and fast. It is a versatile trainer that could be used for marathon

You can find them in places as NewBalance , Sivasdescalzo o ASOS.

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