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adidas ultraboost

Pre-expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, this is the material behind the latest adidas technology and was developed by a group of engineers from the German petrochemical company BASF. BASF together with adidas introduced the polyurethane in granulated form in the trainers, which gives the boost lightness and elasticity, the main characteristic of this material is that it stretches like rubber and transforms the energy thanks to the cellular structure of the capsules that it Compose I leave you a video of how presents Adidas the BOOST.

For the running lovers, the press voted it "Best Technological Prize of the year" and the specialized magazine Runner's World said of the Energy Boost that was the best running trainer that the industry can offer, "it performance is superior to any of The 800 other trainers that we have tried. "The Boost allows a smooth landing with an efficient return of energy and allows you to feel and enjoy running in a special way. And I totally agree with this, I currently have two models with this technology, the First one I bought the past blackfriday is the model ENERGY BOOST ESM that you can see below and I bought it from Adidas website, the other model is the SOLAR BOOST in gray and red.

adidas ultraboost trainers

Increasingly, running fans appreciate the technology and performance offered by running shoes, and as an owner of one Adidas Boost model, I am convinced that it is a true innovation in the footwear industry. I am not a great runner but if I can consider myself amateur and once that you run with this technology, it is difficult that you want to change your trainers. In additio,n there are multitude of models and colors, the most known are those of running, but the brand also uses this technology for the sneakers of basketball or tennis.

basketball boost adidas
adidas boost trainers

However, no all the models are designed for sport, something more urban and probably fashionable and for the sneakers lovers, are the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, ADIDAS Y-3DANSU BOOST or the ADIDASZX 8000 BOOST. Of course, if the price of the previous models are high, for those urban models even more, reaching up to 300 € in the case of DANSU BOOST.

adidas boost black

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was one of the most wanted in the last season but personally they are not my favorites, although before I have said this of some sneakers and then I have finished buying them as the case of the New Balance, I will dedicate the next post to them.

ultraboost red adidas

As a curious I would like to mention that with this technology Adidas managed to return to the North American market that was dominated mainly by Nike and Under Armor, increasing sales by 54% and having a growth higher than Nike at that moment, but not only the technology increase the sales, the Marketing strategy and the collaborations with Kanye West and Pharrel Williams have greatly helped this growth. You can find a great variety of models in FootLocker , Sivasdescalzo or Adidas

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