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I couldn't start with any other trainer, a legend, the Nike Air Force 1 was launched in 1982 and this was the first Nike trainer which used the technology "Nike Air". This model was designed by Bruce Kilgore and its name comes from the plane Air Force One, which was the USA president's plane.

We can find them in three different models, low, mid-top or high-top, this last was the original one.

nike air force one

The Air Force One are part of the urban culture and they were born in the streets, however, after a time the AF1 were vinculate with the artits, they try to get a strange model with bright colors or an especial edition that make the feel different form the rest and be more exclusive.

red nike air force one

There are divers styles and models, but, the real ones are the white or black high-top, personally I prefer the low model, and I got a pair of this model launched in 2016 in fabric as the one that you can see below but totally red.

nike air force one

This trainer has the honour of be the first trainer reedited in the history of Nike. Normally the brands use to launch new models with improvements and when Nike decided to relaunched it, other brands and the public did not understand why Nike wanted to reedit a model which wasn't trend, besides, when the model turned 25 years old, Nike decided to make a moled in tribute to Charles Barkley. Nowadays, these trainers are seen as relics and it is the best selling trainer in history.

nike air force one

You can find them in JDsports, Nike, footlocker or ASOS

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